Mulusa in protest walk

Another MP and Journalist Thomas Zyambo have joined the protest walk from Chingola to Solwezi initiated by Solwezi Central MP Lucky Mulusa.
Mr Mulusa has been joined by his Zambezi East counterpart Sarah Sayifwanda on his 170Km solidarity walk from Chingola to North Western Provincial capital.
Speaking yesterday when he kicked-off the protest walk over the poor state of the road between the two towns,  the removal of fuel and maize subsidies and the harassment of journalists Mr Mulusa said the PF government was full of insincere people who were only interested in  enriching themselves.
“PF is a very insincere government. They want to pretend that they are fighting corruption when in actual fact they are the most corrupt people. Some of these oil deals they are talking about, they are the ones who are benefiting from them. “The issue of Trafigura, they have failed to explain it because they are benefiting from it, but they want to create an impression that they are fighting corruption. So this is why I am saying that they are like parasites looking for an opportunity to get rich,” Mr Mulusa said.
Mr Mulusa, who has already covered 60 kilometres said he had decided to take a protest walk so that he could have a feel of the sufferings of the people in various areas.
“I am really saddened as an MP because mining companies are getting profits from the mines, but leaving roads in a dilapidated state. Just look at the Chingola-Solwezi Road, it is in bad state, but mining companies are getting huge profits from Solwezi.
I would like the Chingola-Solwezi Road to be rehabilitated and turned into a dual-carriage-way. We want mining companies to plough back,” He said. He said Zambians should be compensated by mining companies whenever their land was grabbed from them, instead of throwing them into misery and poverty.
Mr Mulusa said he had received a lot of support from the walk and that other MPs like Zambezi East MP Sarah Sayifwanda would join later.
He was in the company of Thomas Zyambo, a Journalist who was recently arrested on suspicion of contributing stories to the Zambian Watchdog.
Zyambo said he had decided to accompany Mr Mulusa on his walk because he was the one who signed police bond for him when he was arrested by the police. “I have accompanied Mr Mulusa because he is the one who signed police bond for me when I was arrested and he has also taken a protest walk because of the harassment of journalists,” Zyambo said.