PF thugs ferried to Kafulafuta

Opposition UPND on the Copperbelt does not want any blood to be spilled during the Thursday by-election in Kafulafuta following the ferrying of PF thugs to the town, says Copperbelt Provincial chairperson Elisha Matambo.
Mr Matambo claimed that the PF ferried hordes of thugs to Kafulafuta using Noah vans at midnight on Saturday in an effort to intimidate the electorates that were sympathizing with the opposition political parties.
He said the move by PF was unfair and appealed to President Michael Sata to withdraw the thugs that was terrorising people in Kafulafuta.
He said the Noah vans were spotted in Miyangwa where the opposition party was enjoying massive support from the electorates.
He warned that such behaviour by the ruling party was not good for the democratic dispensation in the country.
“We have just witnessed the ferrying of cadres from different parts of the country and we don’t know why these thugs have been brought to Kafulafuta. This system by the PF of instilling fear into voters is uncalled for and it must be stopped.
“This behaviour will bring about confusion and we as UPND are telling Mr Sata that we don’t want our country to go to war. Zambians should reject this vice that is being introduced by the PF regime,
“As a party that is concerned about the welfare of Zambians, we conducted prayers with pastors from this area to bind any forces of darkness that would want to inflict pain or cause death to the people of this area,” he said.
Mr Matambo said that the use of imported party thugs should be strongly addressed by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and penalties such as disqualifying such political parties should be considered.
He said that the system introduced by the PF would one day bring about chaos in the nation and that Zambians must condemn this in its strongest terms.
The PF thugs were reported to be instilling fear in the electorates and the opposition political parties feared that this could lead to serious apathy