PF thugs reign terror in Chipata

Unruly PF thugs have taken over the operations of the police in Chipata ahead of  the by election on July 25 and are indiscriminately beating up residents to cow them into voting for the ruling party, says MMD parliamentary candidate Mutolo Phiri.
Mr Phiri said the campaigns in Chipata turned violent on Friday night when the PF thugs beat up some MMD members who were doing door to door campaigns, pelting their vehicle with all manner of missiles.
He claimed that the PF thugs had openly challenged the police in Chipata, telling the officers that they were above the law.
“They slapped one police officer and are threatening the police with all sorts of things. It is extremely sad that we are having these things but I wish to appeal to the President who is here that he must preach peace, love and reconciliation because there is a lot of tension in the country,” Mr Phiri said.
He said the country was experiencing the highest levels of lawlessness and that it was sad that the PF leadership was just watching citizens maim each other with joy.
“The ruling party thugs have been threatening police in Chipata, rendering their operations useless.
The law enforcement officers have been turned into onlookers to crimes being committed by the PF thugs,” Mr Phiri said
Mr Phiri told the Sunday Nation that PF had turned violent because it had realized that the people of Chipata have rejected them and were looking for reasons for the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to postpone the by-election.
Mr Phiri has appealed to President Sata who was in Chipata yesterday to denounce and condemn his thugs and begin to preach messages of peace, love and reconciliation.
He said Mr Sata should do so because with each passing day the country was divided as citizens were pitted against each other on the basis of political affiliation.
“The PF members in Chipata are so scared of losing the by-election and have resorted to their usual violent behavior. They are spontaneously beating up residents and when we reported them to police, they took over the police station claiming they were above the law,
Mr Phiri complained that the MMD had reported so many cases of violence to police and that many dockets had been opened but no arrests have been made.
Mr Phiri however was upbeat about MMD’s high chances of scooping the seat because the former ruling party had shown that it was a better alternative in Chipata.