South MMD for Nevers Mumba

Dr. Nevers Mumba is still the MMD’s elected president and he needs support and loyalty from all bonafide members, says Southern Province MMD leadership.
MMD provincial chairman Edgar Keembe said that the party in the province was still intact and behind the leadership of Dr. Mumba.
And women in the MMD have warned those not happy with Dr. Mumba’s leadership style to resign or form their own political parties.
Last week there were reports that some senior MMD officials had asked party president Dr. Mumba to step down from the helm of the party leadership.
The senior party officials wanted Dr. Mumba ousted from the party a move that was widely condemned by activists.
In an interview with the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr. Keembe said that the reported squabbles in the MMD was created by the media stating that the party in the province was not aware about any leadership problems and that it was working towards strengthening party structures in readiness of the 2016 elections.
“What we know is that Dr. Mumba was elected MMD president and he is still president of the party. And as a province we are behind him. We need to give him chance to run the affairs of the party and not to be fault finders. Let’s help him lead the party to prosperity,” he said.
Mr. Keembe noted that the senior party officials calling for his resignation have not informed the party membership why they wanted him out of the party.
He said that it was only fair that party officials unite to help the party regain the glory that it enjoyed for the 20 years it was in power.
And MMD National Women Chairperson Faustina Sinyangwe said that those that did not like Dr. Mumba should resign because the party was not ready to auction itself to wrangles.
Ms. Sinyangwe said that it was strange that few people were calling for the unthinkable to take place in the former ruling party.
“As women we are not aware about those reported wrangles. We have a President and that is Dr. Mumba. We elected him ourselves and we shall support him for those that don’t like him the best they can do is to resign or better still form their own political party,” he said.
Lusaka Province chairman Watson Mtonga said that Dr. Mumba was not going anywhere because he was elected by the MMD membership.
Mr. Mtonga wondered why some MMD leaders wanted him out when they supported his candidature.
Mr. Mtonga said that those that felt that they were better people to lead the party should show now how much effort they were putting to organize structures rather than fighting or scheming how to hound out Dr. Mumba from the party.