Stop insulting, Sata told

President Michael Sata should be censured over his humiliating statements against the people of Chipata meant to intimidate them into voting for the PF in the Thursday Parliamentary Chipata by-election.
Zambian Voice executive director Chilufya Tayali has charged that it was unacceptable that Mr Sata should threaten to withdraw development from Chipata if the electrolates did not give the ruling party the seat. “It’s actually electoral malpractice that the President should threaten not to take development to the province on account that the people of Eastern Province did not vote for the PF.
“Our appeal to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) is to censure the President to avoid deceiving the electorate that he can only develop Chipata if they vote for the ruling party’s candidate,” Mr. Tayali said.
He explained that it was against the Electoral Code of Conduct to threaten the electorate against voting for another candidate.
He said ECZ has been carrying campaigns against electoral malpractices with such examples as what the President said in Chipata and should therefore not turn a blind eye to what was on the ground.
Mr. Tayali charged that Mr Sata was out of line to say he would not develop Eastern Province until the electorate voted for PF candidates.
“He has an obligation as Republican President develop every part of the country and he should stop corrupting people with such kind of politicking,” he said.
And MMD Copperbelt Publicity Secretary Yotam Mtayachalo has condemned the parading of Paramount Chief Mpezeni at the PF rally to drum up support for their party candidate Lameck Mangani in the July 25 Chipata Central by-elections.
Mr. Mtayachalo said Paramount Chief Mpezeni had no place being at a political rally as it was demeaning to the throne and that he should not be too excited about taking sides with the ruling party because governments come and go.
“How will those subjects belonging to other parties respond to him that he has openly shown his support for the ruling party?  Chief Mpezeni should not be too comfortable with the friendship he seems to be enjoying with the PF.
“How will opposition leaders approach him as a traditional leader? He is an embarrassment to traditional leadership in the country,” he said.
“He (Mpezeni) is a chief for all the people in Eastern Province, and he should let the politicians follow him at his palace instead of allowing himself to be paraded by them,” he said.
And Mr Mtayachalo said the MMD were ready to petition the results of the Chipata by-election should the PF scoop the seat because President Sata has openly threatened to terminate the appointment of deputy Inspector General of Police Solomon Jere if the people did not vote for the PF.”
President Sata was in Chipata to drum up support for the ruling [party candidate Lameck Mangani in the forthcoming by-elections after the seat previously held by MMD Reuben Mutolo Phiri before the Supreme Court nullification.
The PF has filed in Lameck Mangani, MMD settled for Reuben Mutolo Phiri, UNIP has Elina Nyirenda while Kazembe Daka is contesting on the NAREP ticket and Penelope Nkunika is contesting on an independent.

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  1. Point of correction; Mpezeni is not chief of all the Eastern Province. He is Paramount Chief of the Ngoni, period. Thank God such an unprincipled chief is not my chief.

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