Forget about the new constitution – HH

Zambians should forget about seeing a new constitution that will accommodate the 50 per cent plus one vote for a winning president before 2016 general elections, says UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.
The Technical Committee on the Constitution has indicated that it will be done with the first draft constitution by December 31, 2013 before the document is presented to President Sata.
The committee has also indicated that it would then distribute the draft to stakeholders before a second draft constitution was drafted in readiness for the referendum.
But Mr. Hichilema said that under the PF government and President Sata in leadership, Zambians should forget having a new constitution that would represent their wishes as put during the constitutional making process.
The opposition leader said that the PF was scared of its failures, adding that if they enacted a new constitution as demanded by the people, they knew that they would be kicked out of government by 2016 and hence delaying the whole process.
“It (constitution) is not feasible, there is the first draft which they have not yet presented or finished, then second and referendum. Time is not with them, time is not with the people. This is a scared and failed government. There is no new constitution before 2016,” he said.
Mr. Hichilema said that it was shameful for a government to boast about successes when about 76 percent of its citizenry was living in abject poverty and unemployed, adding that it was the main reason he was calling for a united opposition.
He said that the PF government had no morals to proceed to remove subsidy on maize and fuel in order to punish the rich when the people affected and using expansive transport and fuel  everyday were poor people living under a dollar in rural areas.
“A new constitution would have responded to all these issues we are raising but in a usual donchi kubeba format President Sata is unwilling to give Zambians a constitution that will accommodate 50 per cent plus one vote for a winning president. He is unwilling to allow a constitution that will promote unity in this country,” he said.
Mr. Hichilema said that Zambia was in a crisis created by the PF government today because of an administration which went into power on, “ifintu ni bwangu twakane ifipuna ifyashala fikaisova nga twaina kuntanshi.”
He said that a new constitution could be unstoppable but because of the use of police and other military officers the PF government had unleashed so far to silence the people it was doubtful that the government would give Zambians a new constitution before 2016 general elections.
Mr. Hichilema said that the arrogance and insulting attitude exhibited by those in leadership was clear sign of lack of commitment to do what was demanded for by the people of Zambia.