Mpondamali’s home searched again

Police in Kabwe have continued harassing detained freelance journalist Wilson Mpondamali and have for the second time since his arrest last week raided his house searching for unknown materials and have gotten away with a family laptop.
Mr Mpondamali who has been hospitalized after collapsing in his cell at the Kabwe Central Police said from his hospital bed that police went to his home yesterday searching for unknown things but ended up confiscating a family laptop.
Mr Mpondamali said the police have continued harassing him despite his being taken ill as a result of his incarceration at Mpima Prison last week where he was taken forcibly after the court had granted him bail.
He said the police also confiscated his wife’s mobile phone but later brought it back.
Mr Mpondamali said he was aware that the police were working hard to intimidate him so that he could succumb to their schemes of making him a puppet.
He said nothing would ever deter him from practicing journalism because that was his calling and he was ready to give his life for it.
“The police went to my home again this morning and conduct a second search but only got my family laptop and my wife’s mobile phone. They have continued harassing me and I am still in handcuffs. I hope to improve so that we can start the court process,” Mr Mpondamali said.