PF abduct, beat MMD official

The opposition MMD has expressed disappointment with failure by police to arrest Patriotic Front thug Judge Ngoma who caused havoc in Chipata central prior to today’s by election.
And MMD Kanjala Ward councillor Jelous Phiri said his life is in danger as a result of the PF thugs that abducted him on Tuesday afternoon.
Mr Phiri said it was shocking that the PF thugs could fire guns at people without being scared of harming anyone.
He told the Daily Nation from Chipata that he was abducted by four people when he was about to address a rally in Magazine compound around 14:00 hours who included Joseph Jumbe and Judge Ngoma who were in the company of two unknown people.
The civic leader said members of the opposition MMD and residents in Magazine witnessed his abduction after being beaten by the four men.
“Just when I was about to address a rally in Magazine compound four men abducted me. Jumbe is the one who fired the first shot and Ngoma joined him. The four started to beat me and dragged me to a vehicle where PF parliamentary candidate Magani Phiri was but upon realising what was happening, he run into one of the rooms.
“This action by the PF thugs angered the community who in turn decided to stone the vehicle that we were using. Jumbe was hit with a stone and he started bleeding and this is when the thugs drove the vehicle away towards Chadiza road. At this point I was subjected to severe beating at the back of my neck while a gun was pointed at me,” he said.
Mr Phiri further explained that the thugs demanded to know how much the former head of state Rupiah Banda was pumping in the by-elections for the MMD and why a lot of people were flocking to the opposition rallies than the PF groupings.
“They then drove to Chipata Central Police Station after an hour of beating me and demanded for police reports claiming they had been assaulted but some MMD cadres and leader Dr Nevers Mumba were also at the police station. I was also given a police report to enable me go to the hospital,” Phiri said.
The councillor said the PF thugs again attacked him in the morning hours of Wednesday at 01:00 hours and smashed the windows of his house. Mr Phiri who identified the culprits said he had reported the matter to police.
He has since appealed to President Michael Sata to take charge and put an end to violence activities by the PF thugs. He said his life was in danger because he was one of the people that refused to support the PF in Eastern Province.
And Lusaka province youth chairperson Scorpion Kadobi said it was disturbing that the police command in Chipata had failed to arrest the ring leaders of violence Judge Ngoma and his colleagues.
Mr Kadobi said it was shame that police officers could only detain Mr Ngoma for ten minutes before releasing him.