Sata annoys HH family

The family of United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema has been angered by President Michael Sata’s derogatory remarks against the parentage of the opposition political party leader.
Mr Hichilema’s family has charged that if President Sata had a conscience as a human being and as a leader, he should consider apologizing to the family because his continued slander of citizens was creating a lot of hatred and tension in the country.
President Sata while addressing a rally in Chipata made derogatory remarks against the parentage of Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya and Mr Hichilema but the ABZ leader has lashed out saying the Head of State was in need of deliverance to repent from his foul language.
The family has said it was highly immoral and uncouth for Mr Sata to discuss the parentage of Mr Hichilema at a public rally when he was supposed to tell the nation how he planned to develop and unite the country which they said has remained deeply divided because of poor governance.
Martin Hikalalila, Mr Hichilema’s uncle said Zambians were aware of the kind of life style Mr Sata had lived and should not provoke citizens to begin discussing his past life.
Mr Hikajalila said Mr Sata was cursing himself by his continued verbal abuse of citizens who were merely asking him to govern the country according to the oath he had taken of respecting and protecting the constitution.
He stated that Mr Sata had not only offended the family of Mr Hichilema but that he had annoyed the entire population of Southern Province because his unpalatable language was stigimatising the people in the region.
Mr Hikajalila said the UPND leader was a headman in Moya village in Bwengwa constituency and that it was not strange that he was heading one of the biggest opposition political parties in the country.
“Mr Hichilema’s father is dead and we are angry that Mr Sata should be discussing the parentage of our son. He has literally insulted my sister who is the mother to Mr Hichilema and he must know that Zambians have a history of his life style and we expect him to be morally conscious about these things.
Does he want us to be telling him each time we want to have children? And what message is he sending to his own family,” Mr Hikajalila said.
He explained that Mr Hichilema had a lot of relatives across the country and that it was absurd for the entire Head of State to dwell on discussing individuals each time he had a chance to speak to the nation.