Sata needs deliverance

Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) leader Fr Frank Bwalya is deeply offended by President Michael Sata’s attack on his parentage and has asked the Head of State to stop dragging his parents and especially his mother into political issues because they have nothing to do with them.
Fr Bwalya said Zambians were now convinced that President Sata needed deliverance through prayers if he had to repent from his foul language.
Reacting to President Sata’s derogatory remarks over his parentage and that of UPND president Hakainde Hichilema, Fr Bwalya warned that President Sata was himself living in a glass house and that he should avoid throwing stones at other people.
In an open letter to President Sata, Fr Bwalya said he was only responsible for things he had done from the time he had attained the age of reason.
Fr Bwalya told President Sata that he was not personally responsible for anything before he knew what was right and what was wrong.
He stated that President Sata’s unpalatable language against him would not change the way he felt about his parents adding he would always respect and love them.
“I wish to make it clear to you that I am only responsible for things I have done from the time I attained the age of reason and therefore, I am not responsible for anything before that time,
However, it is important for me to remind you that regarding the issue of parenting, you live in a glass house. It is therefore advisable that you do not throw stones. If you think I do not have the capacity to throw stones, you are mistaken. Be informed that many Zambians are convinced that you need deliverance and so be assured of my prayers,” Fr Bwalya said.
And Fr Bwalya has said the revelations by President Sata that he was spying on traditional leaders and was therefore aware of what was happening in the secrecy of their bedrooms was an abomination that was likely to attract a curse on him.
Fr Bwalya said his party was convinced that Mr Sata had bought sophisticated equipment meant to spy on citizens who were critical of his bad leadership.He said it had become clear that PF cadres had been intercepting private communication between citizens because Mr Sata had equipped them with gadgets that were infringing on the privacy of the nationals.
“We also think that President Sata’s conduct of spying on our chiefs in the secrecy of their bedroom is an abomination that will attract a curse on him. We are calling on Zambians therefore to oppose his illegal conduct,” Fr Bwalya said.
President Sata on Monday openly chastised Chief Jumbe of the Kunda people in Mambwe District in Eastern Province and said that he knew what the traditional leader was saying and what was happening in his bedroom.