Sickly RB stands by his son

Former President Rupiah Banda’s son Andrew was yesterday arrested at the Lusaka Magistrates’ Courts for allegedly defaming President Michael Sata while he was in Chipata recently.
Mr Banda who was waylaid outside the Court buildings after appearing in another matter was ‘dramatically’ whisked into a waiting police vehicle to a holding cell at Woodlands Police station in readiness to be transported to Chipata to answer the  bailable charge of defaming the President.
Former President Rupiah Banda suffering from a flu rushed to the Police Station and offered his vehicle to transport Andrew to Chipata but by 18:00hrs nothing had happened as the arresting officer had knocked off.
RB who is unwell refused to leave the police station, preferring to stand vigil, until his son was charged and released.
Andrew’s lawyers were reported to be in discussions with the Police command to try and secure a police bond to allow Mr Banda travel to Chipata on his own.
And Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Joyce Kasosa confirmed that her officers in Lusaka apprehended Mr Banda on behalf of the Chipata command over a matter that happened in Eastern Province.
“I don’t have much detail as the case is being handled by the Eastern Province command, they are the ones who have the reasons for his apprehension, but I think he will be released tonight,” she said.
Andrew is accused of having made derogatory statements during the campaigns for yesterday’s Chipata Central parliamentary by election against President Sata which allegedly put the name of the head of state into disrepute. Later Andrew was reported to have been released.

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  1. this is unacceptable, if andrew is being quetioned i lusaka then same police should apprehead judge ngoma nd his collegues fo the offences they committed in chipata while campaigning fo loseing pf/magani fo them to be proffessional . Flying bat

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