Thugs attack Chipimo

NAREP president Elias Chipimo and his senior party officials were yesterday attacked by PF thugs when they ventured into Lusaka’s Down Town complex to interact with citizens.
Mr Chipimo was only saved by his alert party officials who quickly whisked him away to the safety of his car and driven off.
The thugs who were shouting the PF slogan of ‘Pabwato’ and other obscenities at Mr Chipimo physically confronted the group, beating up the officials and the women on the team.
Infuriated that the man they had wanted most had been driven off the thugs vented their anger on NAREP national chairman Jevan Kamanga and his national secretary Bwalya Nondo.
The thugs also assaulted Mr Joseph Mushalika, the party’s national youth secretary and they vowed never to allow members of the opposition political parties patronize the area they have declared a PF zone.
Just last week, the PF thugs in Kasama blocked Mr Chipimo from featuring on Radio Mano, a community radio station and threatened him with physical confrontation if he went ahead with his radio programme.
The thugs at Down Town shopping complex have declared the area a no go place for any opposition political party.
After the attack the NAREP officials reported the matter to police, who allegedly said there was little the law enforcement officers could do because they had no manpower to go and arrest the thugs.
And president of Chikondi Foundation John Mambo has warned that the lawlessness the country was experiencing was slowly spreading to schools and colleges and that soon, the country would be engulfed in a political turmoil because of the intolerance and tension in the country.
He said Zambians were no longer safe under the PF and that citizens were now being beaten for only getting into town to do their shopping.