Zambia under ‘state of emergency?’

Zambia is unofficially under a State of Emergency with the undemocratic and barbaric behavior being exhibited by the PF government, says the  National Restoration Party (NAREP)
NAREP youth league president Wilson Banda said the thugs mentality being experienced by the opposition political parties in the country has suggested the kind of governance system currently in place.
Mr. Banda said Zambia needed progressive leadership with ideas of delivering development programmes to the people instead of the undemocratic maneuovres being displayed by the ruling party.
“Zambia is a democratic country and also a Christian Nation and we shall not permit barbaric kind of behavior and undemocratic maneuvers. Its no wonder your (PF) popularity is melting due to your failure to govern this country according to the wishes of the people,” he said.
He charged that Mr. Sata should officially announce the state of emergency because as citizens, people were not free to walk around the streets in the country.
“All the streets have been taken over by PF thugs who are mostly ex-prisoners.  They are moving with all sorts of weapons and firing guns at will.  These are plain clothes PF police with more powers than state police,” Mr. Banda explained.
He said Zambia needed progressive leaders with ideas of delivering to the Zambian people unlike the thuggery mentality being experienced by innocent people around the country.
When people said they needed change, they never meant change of names for airports and hospitals, it was not the change of Kwacha from old to rebased Kwacha, but the correction of all wrongs like what you (PF) are doing,” he said.
There have been several acts of violence involving known people from the ruling PF who have openly attacked and injured members of the opposition which the President has failed to openly condemn and denounce.