Detained Journalist’s condition worsens

The condition of detained Kabwe freelance journalist Wilson Mpondamali is deteriorating and doctors attending to him are expected to conduct new examinations after the scribe showed no signs of improvement.
His arms are swollen from being handcuffed.
And police in Lusaka have for the second time summoned Thomas Zgambo, a freelance journalist who was arrested on the same night with former Evelyn Hone College journalism lecturer Clayson Hamasaka on suspicion that the two were corresponding with the Watchdog.
Mr Mpondamali was hospitalised on Monday after he collapsed in his holding cell at the Kabwe Central police and was rushed to Kabwe Hospital where he was diagnosed with malaria and pneumonia.
Police have removed the handcuffs from Mr Mpondamali’s wrist after it was discovered that they had caused a swelling on his arm.
Mr Mpondamali said from his hospital bed yesterday that his condition had worsened and that doctors had informed him that they would need to conduct new examinations.
Mr Mpondamali said he has had body pains that were making him feel uncomfortable although had been receiving his daily injections for the pneumonia he suffered while in Mpima Prison.
The Kabwe freelance journalist had been put on 20 injections after he was diagnosed with pneumonia and has been in Kabwe Hospital since Monday.
Mr Mpondamali has been chained to his hospital bed since Monday and is being guarded by armed police on a 24 hours basis.
And Mr Zgambo is on Monday to present himself at the Police force headquarters after his case failed to take off yesterday because the there were no case records at the courts.
Mr Zgambo was yesterday expected to take plea but when he got into court 3 at the Magistrate courts, he was told that the state was not ready to proceed and was told to go to police for the extension of his bail.
Mr Zgambo was again told at Police force headquarters that the arresting officer was not around and he was told that he would be called when the police would be ready.
Mr Zgambo was later in the afternoon told by his lawyer that the police had summoned him and that he was expect to go back to police on Monday.
Mr Zgambo and Mr Hamasaka were charged with sedition while Mr Mpondamali has been charged attempted escape from lawful custody and being in possession of a military book.