Saunders condemns arrest of Andrew Banda

The continued arrests and harassment of citizens by the Patriotic Front (PF) regime on frivolous charges such as defamation of the President is an abuse of the law, political activist Dante Saunders has charged.
Mr Saunders has said the arrest of Andrew Banda on frivolous allegations that he had defamed President Sata was annoying Zambians even more because people were seeing  such actions as persecution of the Rupiah Banda family.
He said President Sata should know that the continued harassment and persecution of the Rupiah Banda family had extensively damaged the country’s image in the Southern Region and the international community.
The political activist said PF government had sowed seeds of hatred among citizens by their continued political persecution of the leaders of the previous government adding Zambians have been annoyed that development was suffering at the expense of political expedience.
Mr Saunders said President Sata was using fear to force people to like his style of governance because the man did not believe in dialogue adding his form of communicating to the citizens was through decrees.
He stated that President Michael Sata should stop using the police as if they were vigilantes for the ruling party. Mr Saunders said the safety and security of citizens were under threat under the PF because the ruling party was using the police to harass and intimidate the people.
He advised the Zambia Police to refuse to be used by the PF leadership stating that the PF was not going to be in power forever and that when changes came in 2016, the people using them would abandon them because most of them would be running away from the crimes they were committing now.
“The continued arrests and harassment by the PF government is nothing but the kicks of a dying horse. Zambians are tired and angry that the PF government has continued persecuting the Rupiah Banda family instead of governing and developing the country. This persecution of the Rupiah Banda family has made the PF very unpopular because it is clear that the PF are not fighting corruption but they are plundering,” Saunders said.
The political activist said the writing was on the wall for the PF and its leadership and that the earlier they read it and changed their style of managing the country, the better for them.
Mr Saunders said the PF had concentrated on arresting, harassing and plundering the country’s purse and had forgotten about the promises they had given the people.
He advised the police to change their style of maintaining law and order as they were serving Zambians and not the party in government.
“We know that the police are not doing this on their own but are being forced to do so by those in power. But my advice is that the police must change or they will be forced to run with those who are plundering and committing other human rights crimes. Those people in government have already accumulated so much wealth and when there will be change in 2016, many will run away but our police officers will remain. So let the police be professional because this government will never go beyond 2016,” he said.
Mr Saunders said the PF had become the most unpopular and unwanted political party Zambia has ever had and that the results of the just ended parliamentary by-elections had reflected  the anger and disappointment against the ruling party.
Meanwhile police at Woodlands police station recorded a warn and caution statement for Mr Banda who has since been released.