Street vending is wrong

It is absurd that a government could allow such lawlessness as street vending when trading places in markets remain empty, Human Rights activist Brenber Changala has said.
He said that the pronouncement by government that street vendors are a part of development in the nation is confirmation that the Patriotic Front government is a disorganised government.
He said what the PF government should bear in mind was that there was no clean and sanitary environment.
The civil rights activist observed that it was wrong for government to push people in the streets to do business which lacked toilets, dust bins and shelter.
“What type of government is this? Allowing people to trade where there is no facility you call it development? Only a criminal mind can conjure such a statement. Government has built structures called markets at a high cost but they have allowed marketeers to troop out to go and trade in the roads,” he said.He demanded that the PF government should tell Zambians what would happen to the markets since people had deserted them.Mr Changala said this was a clear indication that the PF administration had failed to govern the nation in a normal way.
“Mr Sata is busy watering the Kapinga at State house while street vendors don’t have a single drop of water on the streets where he is sending them. They use Chibuku packets as urine bags. What is human and healthy about that?
“My advice is that it is very dangerous to issue political statements under the influence of alcohol,” Changala said.
He said street vending in Zambia was haphazard and that the administrators of the country should rethink there decisions as this was inconveniencing a lot of people.
On Thursday local government deputy minister Emerine Kabanshi said that the vendors would not be removed from the streets because they were partners in development.