The Whitewash

Few people will shed tears for the very comprehensive drabbing that the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) received at the polls this week.
The loss is well deserved because   the PF campaigned for the opposition.
Instead of embracing transparency, uprightness and good governance, profligacy has become the watchword. Lawlessness and a virtual breakdown in the rule of law have become a matter of routine. Violence and selective persecution of the opposition now characterize our criminal justice system.
Our donors have had cause to express concern about our economic management and the manner in which the Government is limiting space for opposition and the media.
The country has lurched from one controversy to another with no end in sight.
The   superciliousness with which the PF leadership is handling national issues, has resulted in the estrangement of many citizens who voted for the PF in the hope of creating a future in which there was  jobs galore and in which more money would be allocated to national issues has estranged many Zambians who truly thought that the PF would make a difference.
Unless the party changes tack, the loss may spell the beginning of the end.
The biggest problem with the PF is its insularity and seeming imperviousness to dissenting opinion however valid and correct.
For example the Party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba who is also the Minister of Justice has the gall to speak publicly on the shambles that our Judiciary finds itself in and suggests that the position of the Acting Chief Justice was tenable because the parliamentary select committee did not have a final say in the matter.
This is contrary to the constitution which very clearly provides for ratification, a process for sieving those who should occupy some constitutional offices. This process cannot be by passed.
The Law Association of Zambia has tried to provide counsel to no avail.
Equally the totally unwarranted railing against the Electoral Commission of Zambia by Wynter was totally uncalled for. The Commission has every right to censure and admonish any party infringing the rules
The three deaths that have occurred in the by elections induced by the PF, must have weighed heavily on the ECZ in their decision to issue a statement  regarding observance of election rules and regulations.
It is equally surprising that Wynter would blame the deaths of PF cadres on the opposition. Firstly this is a matter which only a court of law can determine and secondly it is common knowledge that internal wrangling over money was responsible for the death of two of the officials. It had nothing to do with the opposition.

One thought on “The Whitewash

  1. The ECZ should be commended for standing up for law and order unlike the Zambia Police who have become to all intents and purposes a wing of the PF. This is the reason the chief PF cadre Mr Kabimba cannot believe that the ECZ can criticize the so-called ruling party for breaking the law. Had it been the Police they would have turned a blind eye to lawlessness. The ECZ is professionally managed, its leader will stand up to a bully like Mr Kabimba. I hope one day she will be appointed Chief Justice to bring sanity to the judiciary.

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