Government condemns Rupiah Banda


Government is disappointed with former President Rupiah Banda for continuing to shield his children from facing the law for suspected wrongdoing.

A case in point is when Mr Banda went to Woodlands Police station yesterday to see his son Andrew who was in police custody for alleged defamation of the President.

While there, and not unusual, he accused the Government of persecuting his children saying he will never allow his fugitive son Henry to return to Zambia to face the law, as reported in the media.

This is unfortunate and unacceptable for a former Head of State who swore to uphold the Constitution of the Republic of Zambia before which every citizen is equal.

It seems when he was in office, Mr Banda had two laws to govern this country – one for his family, another for ordinary citizens.

Which is why he is having difficulties to come to terms with the reality that, like all other citizens, his children are not above the law. They are liable for questioning or prosecution when they are suspected to have broken the law.

This is not persecution. This is justice which provides that all are equal before the law.

The former President’s utterances further vindicate Government’s decision to cancel his passport so that he does not evade justice like his son has done.

I wish, however, to assure Mr Banda that Government is not vindictive and that it will treat him with the respect he deserves, as former Head of State.

This Government respects the rule of law and will not interfere with the operations of law enforcement agencies in the investigations and prosecution of the former Head of State and his children suspected of wrongdoing.

On results from Thursday’s parliamentary by-elections, Government joins the PF Secretary General Hon. Wynter Kabimba, MP, in congratulating the winning political parties namely the ruling Patriotic Front, opposition MMD and UPND, on their victories.

Government also congratulates the electorate in the four constituencies on exercising their democratic right to choose leaders of their choice and for conducting themselves in a peaceful manner, before, during and after the by-elections.

The Zambia Police and other law enforcement agencies, also deserve commendation for ensuring that law and order prevailed during the by-elections.

Ultimately, the winner in these elections are the people of Zambia for whom and with whom we should all work in developing the country regardless of our political affiliation.

We have a duty, collectively and singularly, as citizens, to promote and preserve the good image of our country by acknowledging and embracing the positive strides we are making in deepening the country’s democracy and development. If we don’t, who will?

Hon. Fackson Shamenda, MP


2 thoughts on “Government condemns Rupiah Banda

  1. Mr Editor, allow me to comment that the President of the Republic of Zambia has surrounded himself with wrong Ministers like Hon. Shamenda himself. The Hon Minister is a wrong person to talk about the rule of law because he does not practice that at his Ministry where he has created his own laws to suit and protect his colleagues in the labour movement who helped him before he became Minister. The Former President may be condemned by others but let not Mr Shamenda be the first to say anything. I’ve heard Hon. Minister of Justice complain over Mr Banda’s involvement in the just ended by-elections and I agreed with him but not Mr Shamenda. He is acting like those Pharisees who brought the woman caught in the act of adultery before Jesus to have her stoned. Is he pure? He should stop interfering in the operations of the ministry if people are to write good about him. These are people that are making PF appear to be antagonizing some people because they misrepresent the President. If PF the party I support will adopt such people come 2016, then it will be very unfortunate and as youths we will not approve adoptions of such elements. The man has deceived the Head of State on many things pretending to be a loyal member of the party when he also dines with the opposition. Let other people blame RB but not certainly you Mr Shamenda on the rule of law. Workers in the private industries have seen your double tongued language with their employers and no longer have faith in the Ministry of Labour. People had hope with the change of govt but I don’t think they have their faces smiling any more in your Ministry. I pray our dear beloved President will see your inadequacies soon.

  2. Too late the hero!
    You can’t fool us anymore
    Take that talk to your “watched bedroom”
    Bass finish!

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