Zambian lacks quality leadership

Zambia is in desperate need of quality leadership at all levels of society that will understand the differences between politics and leadership says opposition National Restoration Party President Elias Chipimo.

Mr Chipimo noted that a country moves forward when its senior leadership commands respect amongst other leaders in the world and that Zambia would move forward when it elects a leader and not a politician.

He said that at the moment the country needed a leader that was committed to doing the right thing for every Zambian and not only for those who tow the Party line.

He noted that violence had become a regular feature on our political calendar and that the police service was no longer a service that protects the people but an entity that turns a blind eye to those that perpetuate violence in the name of a ruling elite.
The opposition leader regretted that the continued by-elections were the order of the day at the great cost of the treasury and that our traditional leaders were paraded before political rallies or publicly insulted when they resisted the urge to be manipulated.
“When faced with a choice between boosting numbers in parliament or ensuring the prioritisation of development projects, the pure politician will opt to increase his Party’s representation in parliament while the committed and caring leader will be more concerned about whether partisan politics is getting in the way of development.

“A true leader puts the interests of the nation and the people first. A pure politicians puts the interest of his Party first. The reason why anyone involves themselves in politics should, after all, be based on the belief that they can do things that will be of benefit to the communities they have been elected to serve.
How many times have we heard our politicians bragging at public rallies that they will only deliver development to an area in which they have an MP?

He further said that Zambia was currently all sorts of intimidation and that was why as a party NAREP uphold and acknowledge the patriotism of those that had chosen to raised their voices against the poor leadership that was being witnessed.

And Mr Chipimo has also commended the Electoral Commission of Zambia for standing up and denouncing the abuse of electoral laws by the PF and particularly the bravery their public relations manager, Sylvia Bwalya.

“Our country needs more people like you. We commend Reverend Pukuta Mwanza of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia for the forthright condemnation of the failure in our senior-most national leadership; we commend Bishop John Mambo for standing with the oppressed and those whose rights are being daily trampled on, at great cost to his personal security,” he said.

The opposition leader urged Zambians to begin a silent revolution to support the call for better governance, tolerance, freedom for the opposition to walk the streets without attracting violence from those threatened by their ideas.