Abrogated social contract

The principle of the social contract in politics is very straightforward. It imposes a morality on  political theory and practice.

It assumes that  citizens freely and voluntarily surrender some of their freedom for the common good, namely that they subject themselves to central authority which in turn undertakes to protect their remaining rights.

According Jean Jacques Rousseau the social contract is designed to serve the people rather than the Government. Therefore a Government is legitimate if it serves the best interests of the people rather than becoming self serving. A party in office hold power on behalf of the collective whole.

Put differently and in the paraphrased words of the philosopher Socrates “What men would most want is to be able to commit injustices against others without the fear of reprisal, and what they most want to avoid is being treated unjustly by others without being able to do injustice in return.”

This is precisely what we are witnessing in this country. The Patriotic Front has embraced men who have committed heinous crimes against the public purse. These are the people dictating policies and in some cases claiming to preside over cases of corruption.

It is common knowledge that the Government is being held captive by these very people who reviled President Michael Sata with a determination, vehemence and fervor that the English language could master.

It is common knowledge that these criminals are colluding to defeat the ends of justice by posing as paragons of virtue. They can be rest assured that the law will catch up with them. They may get away with it today because they have protection, but for how long?

The Zambian people know who have stolen, who have made the suffering of others their work in trade., they know which people thrive on subterfuge and guile and will hold them accountable.

Indeed other recent development in our country have raised major concerns about Government role in ensuring that the interests of all citizens are taken account by public institutions including the Police, Courts and others which have direct public interface.

The recent by elections witnessed gratuitous violence and in one case a firearm was discharged and a Member of Parliament abducted. Those responsible are well known and yet the Police have failed to arrest and prosecute them.

We are sure if these wrongs were committed by the opposition the Police would have moved with speed and zeal to arrest and transport the miscreant to the places where the offences were committed. Instead there has been deathly silence from the Police.

These discrepancies go to the heart of the social contract in which the Government undertook to protect the interests of all citizens regardless of their party affiliation.

We are concerned that the application of the law is selective. The fight by the PF to fight corruption has not materialized instead the very corrupt thieves are now at the heklm of the system that should weed out an prosecute crime.

For as long the PF embraces profligacy in all its forms, then the party will be tainted with the  corrupt image.