Batoka-Maamba road a death trap

One of the UPND aspiring candidates in Sinazongwe constituency where there is a looming by-election Neddy Sianza has bemoaned the deteriorating Batoka-Maamba Road.

He said that the road required urgent attention before many lives are lost because it was impassable.

Mr. Sianza said that the road has become a death trap for motorists, especially in the night due to many potholes.

He attributed the damage of the road to heavy trucks that were using it to transport coal from Maamba to various parts of the country.

Mr. Sianza charged that the trucks have created many potholes especially between Sinazeze and Batoka.

“The Batoka-Maamba road has become a source of concern to the residents in Sinazongwe district because it has been damaged by heavy trucks. The current status of the road requires urgent attention before lives are lost,

“There are a lot of potholes especially between Sinazeze and Batoka, making it dangerous, especially in the night. In short, this road must be redone, “he said

Mr. Sianza further said that government should forget about the Bottom Road which he said was now a ‘political song’.

The UPND prospective candidate observed that the Bottom Road was not

economically viable except for linking the people of Sinazongwe and Siavonga.

“The Bottom Road is not economically viable. I might not have done a lot of survey on it but practically it will not contribute positively to the country’s economic programmes because the targeted areas share the same activity which is fish production. It will only link the people of Sinazongwe and Siavonga,” said Mr. Sianza.

And Mr. Sianza has accused the council in Sinazongwe district of having unlawfully hiked the fish levy in the district.

He said that the council was not charging the normal fish levy which other districts in the country were applying..

He told the Daily Nation that he was currently in the district to market himself to the grassroots for possible adoption to stand on a UPND ticket .