PF loss frustrates Kabimba-OYV

It is unacceptable for Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba to vent his anger  on the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECV) over  the PF loss in the just ended by elections when the Commission conducted itself professionally.

Operation Young Vote (OYV) executive director Guess Nyirenda said the losses suffered by PF in recent by-elections have frustrated the PF secretary general who has now turned against the ECZ.

He said it was unfortunate that the Justice Minister should castigate the ECZ over the censuring ZNBC for exceeding the 30 minutes approved time for airing a political advertisement.

“The attacks by Justice Minister on ECZ are unacceptable and too personal for a man of his standing.  ECZ is doing its job and very professionally so that every law abiding citizen should compliment,” Mr. Nyirenda said.

Mr. Nyirenda said Paramount Chief Mpezeni was out of line to stand at the podium and call on his people to vote for the PF losing candidate Lameck Mangani.

He said Chief Mpezeni’s conduct was inappropriate and out of the guidelines stipulated in the Republican Constitution.

“The Chiefs are particularly guided by the Constitution to keep away from partisan politics as the Ngoni Chief stood on the podium and out rightly campaigned for Mr. Mangani.

“Mr. Kabimba just doesn’t have where to vent his anger, which should not be directed at the Electoral Commission, we all saw and head Chief Mpezeni on national TV,” Mr. Nyirenda said.

He commended the Commission for their professional position on the matter and cautioned the PF to be as receptive of negative criticism as they did after the 2011 general elections results which was in their favour.

“This is the same ECZ that worked hard to hand PF their chance to be in government, what has changed today is that it has censured them (PF) on the use of Chiefs at campaigns,” he said.

He said the use of Chiefs was retrogressive to the democracy of the country, and that it was time the ruling party realised that power was not in the chief, but in the people who actually voted.