PF must be kicked out -Mulusa

Zambians must terminate their social contract they had signed with the Patriotic Front (PF) in 2011 because they have failed to deliver and turned government into a political persecution apparatus, Solwezi Central Member of Parliament Lucky Mulusa has charged.

He has said the PF did not have a national development strategy and their inability to deliver and provide good governance was making them resort to unorthodox means of prosecuting those they perceive to be politically ahead of them.

Mr Mulusa who is MMD Solwezi Parliamentarian told the Daily Nation that the reason the PF had continued politicking at the expense of national development was because they had lamentably failed to meet the expectations of Zambians.

Mr Mulusa said time had come when Zambians had to review the social contract they had signed with the ruling party in 2011 because the paradise they had promised while in the opposition had turned out to hell for Zambians.

The Parliamentarian explained that Zambians did not need leaders who were repulsive to other regional and international leaders because the development of any country depended on the cordial diplomatic relations it was enjoying with other countries.

He the PF government was the most wasteful government that had dedicated time to witch-hunting and persecuting citizens they perceived to be their political opponents.

“It is clear that Zambians made a serious political mistake by voting for the PF and this mistake will be corrected in 2016. Zambians have to terminate their social contract they signed with the PF and Mr Sata because they have failed lamentably to deliver on their promises. The PF leadership has turned government into an apparatus of persecution, victimization and harassment. They will have to reclaim their freedoms by rejecting this dictatorship,” Mr Mulusa said.

He said it was disheartening that the PF had turned civil servants such as Permanent Secretaries and District Commissioners into political tools meant to advance the political agenda of the ruling party.

Mr Mulusa said the ruling party had petitioned over 60 parliamentary seats won by the opposition President Sata and his cohorts were scheming to obliterate the opposition political parties.

He said it was politically heartening that Zambians had realized that the PF had been working at taking Zambia back to the one party state dictatorship and were ready to defend the democracy they have enjoyed since the introduction of multiparty politics.

Mr Mulusa stated that Parliamentarians who had defected from the opposition political parties to the PF had completely destroyed their political careers because no political party in the country would ever want to associate itself with them.

Mr Mulusa also explained that the PF government had found it easy to remove subsidies on maize and fuel because they did not understand the suffering the poor rural communities were going through.

“Zambia is a collection of very poor people and it is surprising that a government can claim that it removed subsidies because they were benefiting the rich only. It has been easy for the PF to remove subsidies on maize and fuel because the President and his ministers do not feel the impact because they pay nothing for their survival. How can a government of over 70 ministers fail to articulate and understand the impact of the removal of subsidies on the poor and vulnerable? Mr Mulusa wondered.