Wynter must resign- Mulongoti

People’s Party (PP) president Mike Mulongoti has demanded the immediate resignation of Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba for having launched a campaign to discredit, harass and intimidate the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) for pointing out constitutional breaches committed by Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people of Chipata.

Mr Mulongoti has said Zambians should not expect any form of justice from Mr Kabimba because the Justice Minister had exhibited tremendous appetite to gag institutions of good governance like the ECZ.

The PP leader has said Mr Kabimba should be condemned for insinuating that the ECZ has been helping the PF win the previous by-elections.

Mr Mulongoti said there was no need for Mr Kabimba to fear the ECZ because the power to remove a government from office that had failed to perform was in the voters and not in the electoral body.

He said Mr Kabimba should stop harassing and intimidating the electoral body and its officers because they were not constituted to help any political party to win elections

He said Mr Kabimba as Justice Minister should have known that it was apolitical for Mpezeni to openly declare his support for the ruling party saying the traditional leader had clearly abrogated the law by his political inclined actions.

Mr Mulongoti said Mr Kabimba as a presidential appointee was not representing any constituency and should be the first one to resign before asking ECZ officers to step down.

He stated that the ECZ was a constitutional institution that was ratified by Parliament and could not start acting at the instructions of those in the executive.

Mr Kabimba has instigated a political campaign to scandalize and intimidate ECZ with its officers in a probable attempt to hound out officers the Justice Minister perceive to be anti PF.

Mr Kabimba has accused the ECZ of working with the opposition political parties and that the commission had been belittling President Sata.

The Justice Minister has further accused ECZ of having stolen PF votes in the 2011 elections stating that the ruling party could have won the elections by a wider margin than was declared.

“Wynter must not force officers at the ECZ to resign but rather he should consider resigning himself because he is only an appointee. The ECZ is a statutory body that was ratified by Parliament and it cannot be dictated to by Mr Kabimba. With this kind of behavior from the man heading the Justice Ministry, what kind of justice should citizens expect from him,’ Mr Mulongoti said.

He explained that Mr Kabimba was behaving like a spoiled child who has never known the bad side life.

Mr Mulongoti said the PF had been winning several past by-elections and had never complained about the ECZ and wondered why the commission should now be bashed for reminding government to avoid committing constitutional breaches.

He said ECZ was an ampere and was never created to assist political parties to win elections and that it was uncouth for Mr Kabimba to attack the commission on grounds that were clearly a violation of the constitution.

“I hope Mr Kabimba was misquoted but if this what said, then we are disappointed with him. In elections, you are not expected to be the winner all the time but Mr Kabimba is implying that ECZ has in the past assisted the PF to win the by-elections. He is saying the ECZ have weaned them and this has annoyed Mr Kabimba because he has realized that it would be difficult to win the next by-elections. Let him leave the ECZ alone because that is an autonomous body that is not answerable to Mr Kaimba,” Mr Mulongoti said.

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  1. well said Mike. Let him resign and concentrate on building the party if he has any backbone left.

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