Zambians are fed up-MMD

Zambian have realised that they can not continue to support the lies by the Patriotic Front and that is why they have resolved to work hand in hand with the opposition political parties says MMD Lusaka province chairperson Watson Mtonga.

Mr Mtonga said the ruling PF lied to the people of Zambia and that they were now paying for their lies.

He said it was now evident that Zambians could not trust the PF administration anymore because of policy misdirection and that that it was not constituency in policy matters.

He said that statement by PF Lusaka province chairperson Goeffrey Chuumbwe that PF members had gone to sleep that

was why the party performed so badly in the just ended by-elections.

Mr Mtonga said Mr Chuumbwe as a senior member of the ruling party should take responsibility and advise President Michael Sata that they must have misfired somewhere.

“Mr Chuumbwe must know that the PF is now reaping they it has sowed and there was no need to blame party members. Zambians are now reacting to the sour grapes that they have received from the ruling party.

“A lot of our people have been intimidated by this regime and they are now saying no to the threats anymore. Why should Zambians be enticed to vote for a person they don’t want? This PF must wake up and fulfil its promises to the people of Zambia,” he said.

The opposition leader charged that the ruling party members had not gone to bed saying that even the PF members in areas where they were some elections voted for the opposition because they couldn’t see any hope in the current regime.

And Mr Mtonga has cautioned People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti to stop attacking the former ruling party.

He said Mr Mulongoti should desist from attacking the MMD and its leadership because he was not a member.

The provincial leader said that it was unfortunate that Mr Mulongoti could attack a party that introduced him to politics without understanding the real issues in the party.He advised the former works and supply minister not to talk about other parties.