Campaign against defecting MPs gains momentum

The sensitisation campaign by Sinazongwe youths against abuse of power by some selfish politicians has gained momentum, says organiser Parental Mukonka.

Mukonka told the Daily Nation that the youths in the country must ensure they safeguarded national resources by not entertaining selfish politicians who were causing unnecessary by-elections for their personal gain.

Mr Mukonka said that the just ended by elections was a wakeup call to defectors who wanted to take the people of Zambia for granted.

He noted that the seats competed for in the just ended by-elections were as result of resignations by opposition MPs to join the ruling party.

“This is a good lesson to those who are still considering defections. Had these re adopted defectors won, a long queue of them would have been formed immediately, but it is unfortunate this is not the case now,” he said.

He claimed that the youths were ready to teach a lesson to their former MP Richwell Siamunene who recently resigned from UPND to join the ruling Patriotic Front.

“As youths we are cautioning all those leaders defecting to cause unnecessary by-elections, and in a case of here in Sinazongwe we want to advise Mr Siamunene not to stand on any ticket otherwise he will be disappointed,” he said.

Mr Mukonka said because of the high levels of unemployment in the country, the PF government was at pain to get votes from youths, whom they promised jobs during the 2011 election campaigns.

Mr Mukonka reiterated that politicians must learn to start considering the challenges such as unemployment and poor education standard that have rocked the country due to high poverty levels.

Mr Mukonka said the people were focused and wanted a leader who would bring tangible development to the area.

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