Cartel after RB

President Michael Sata is being used  by some wicked people to torture former president Rupiah Banda over the K18 billion DBZ loan scandal he exposed while he was President, , says UPND official Douglas Syakalima.

Mr Syakalima said the infamous cartel was hell bent on manufacturing more charges against former president Banda to punish him for the exposure.

The UPND member said Mr Sata had breached the constitution several times by doing things that were contrary to the law because of the cartel that wanted to fulfil their selfish motives.

He said it was shocking that government ministers were busy working with people that had questionable characters and who wanted to manufacture charges against the former head of state.

“Why should the state be serious with comments concerning Mr Banda and his son but leave those that were involved with the ministers manufacturing lies against the former head of state. Why doesn’t the state take interest in cases of persons in the K18 billion DBZ scandal?

“They have kept quiet about this and we know why they are bringing up cases on RB. They want to divert attention of the Zambians people from real issues. What wrong has RB done to them? The same people that are pushing government to slap Mr Banda with more cases have cases before the courts of law and in some cases they have been convicted,” he said.

Mr Syakalima said that as far as Zambians were concerned Mr Banda had never been convicted by the courts and it was shocking that some members of the cartel were conniving with a minister to slap more charges on Mr Banda.

He said it was shocking that crooks were the ones that were talking about criminal justice.

“Zambians are not stupid and they know who is behind all this and we warn that if Mr Sata wants to leave his office with honour, he must stop embracing this ugly treatment being spear headed by a cartel.

He said because of the evil minds that had taken over the state apparatus it was advisable that Rupiah Banda’s son Henry did not set foot in Zambia.

“I am saying that Henry should not come here because there is no State anymore but lawlessness. If he tried to come here, this group will destroy him. I am saying this because I know what they are capable of doing because I was once incarcerated and tortured for four days without charge.

He said the PF government had ministers that were being controlled by a bunch of crooks that were not in government and would not stop at anything until former head of state went down.

The opposition leader wondered what would happen to Henry if this government could chain a journalist to a hospital bed for weeks as if he was a common criminal.