PF do a ‘Donchi Kubeba’on constitution

Civil Society has accused the PF government and the Technical Committee drafting the new constitution to have done a ‘Donchi Kubeba’ on Zambians after failing to come up with a clear roadmap on the formulation of a new Republican constitution.

Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali said there was a conspiracy between government and the committee to delay the completion and the subsequence publication of the national constitution to avoid its use in the 2016 general elections.

Mr. Tayali said despite all the media publicity between the two parties concerning the period of time and huge amounts of money spent during the process, Zambians have no hope of seeing the first draft anytime soon.

“Even when Zambians have asked for a roadmap, there has not been any attempt to ensure the draft was released on time. It’s unfortunate that both have not shown any interest in giving direction to such an important process in the formulation of a new Republican Constitution,” Mr. Tayali said.

He charged that it was not a surprise for the public to speculate that delivering a new constitution would remain a fallacy to allow the PF use the same old archaic laws to their advantage.

Mr. Tayali said members of the TC had an obligation to the Zambian people, and should honour that commitment by concluding and submitting the draft for public scrutiny.

“Those are professional people, and they should know that this delay could have repercussions on their individual credibility as high profile persons.

“They should deliver with diligence and avoid losing the integrity and respect they have earned by assigning them to compile the draft constitution, and must aim to give us the New Constitution at the end of today,” Mr. Tayali said.

“We shall hold the committee responsible for the wasted financial resources on the constitution making programme, and we shall demand for government to recover all the money spent on the process since the 90 days promise of a new constitution,” Mr. Tayali said.

He said CSOs have campaigned against the TC’s delays, but would also lobby against them for a failed constitution process under the PF government.