RB persecution

It is wrong, unconscionable and a clear abuse of state authority for Wynter Kabimba to amuse himself with power by displaying an unguarded propensity to issue threats real or otherwise in a manner that appears to confirm Government collaboration and collusion with external forces intent on persecuting former President Rupiah Banda.

What new offences against RB have now come into existence that were not there before?

Nobody will begrudge Government from prosecuting corruption, but it is the sheer maliciousness, vindictiveness and politicization of the entire exercise with which the prosecution is being undertaken that is a matter of worry and concern.

This has gone beyond the call of duty.

The sheer and inhumanity of subjecting an older person to cruelty, humiliation and total indignity by individuals who are mere criminals and thieves is the most regrettable. 

It is totally inappropriate and an affront to common decency to politicize, publicize and then use state power to threaten  a citizen, more so an elder statesman like RB who has been under siege for the last few months and is totally incapable of defending himself.

It is wrong, inhuman and dehumanizing for the Government to prolong the suspense over the cases that RB is expected to face. These should not be doled out piecemeal as a means of blackmailing and therefore sustaining the vilification campaign against the former President with no end in sight.

It is trite, as lawyers would say, that offences committed in the same “scheme” should be charged at the same time to ensure that there is finality. It will not do to threaten further or additional charges each time a contrived occasion is conjured by those who wish to punish RB.

Keeping RB in suspense is mental torture and cowardly and indicates a very determined effort to exact retribution against RB, for wrongs committed against those who have been gifted with power in this regime.

It will be recalled that Parliament removed RB’s immunity on a motion moved by Kabimba who suggested that prima facie offences had been established and that the state was ready to prosecute him.

It is apparent the state is still collecting evidence and still has to make a determination on whether to proceed with some cases.

In the circumstance it would appear that the motion in Parliament was premature.

Our advice to Wynter who is both Minister of Justice and Patriotic Front Secretary General is to exercise caution, sobriety and level headedness in dealing with matters of state. Power should be used for the greater good of society and not to satisfy the sick fascination of sociopaths.

Power is a double edged sword which if abused will bring about dire consequences to those who wield it without due consideration.

Wynter must reconsider his media demeanor as it portrays a very negative attitude of arrogance and imperviousness to logic.

The constitution for example makes a stipulation for 27 representatives from 9 Provinces. This is the law as it stands, but change can be made and he knows how constitutional changes are made.

Similarly such attacks as the one directed at the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) headed by a senior Judge who is also Deputy Chief Justice Smacks of intemperance of the worst order. This is all the more so considering that the Commission was enforcing a legal mandate provided for in written law.

The ongoing wrangle over judicial reforms and the place of the Acting Chief Justice  is another matter where Wynter on which Wynter has attacked the entire Law Association of Zambia which has adequately supported its case on the basis of written law.

These matters do not speak well of the competence of our Minister of Justice.