Vote out PF in 2016-UPND

The Patriotic Front (PF) government should be voted out of office in the 2016 general election because it is deceitful and corrupt, says UPND vice-president for administration Canicius Banda.

Dr Banda said that Zambians must protest against the non-fulfillment of the many campaign promises the PF made during the 2011 elections by refusing to vote for the ruling party in the coming by-elections.

Speaking when he welcomed former Malambo MMD Member of Parliament Maxwell Mwale who has defected to the opposition UPND and the newly elected Solwezi East Member of Parliament Villie Lombanya at the secretariat Dr Banda said his party would form the next government.

Dr Banda said it was disheartening that the PF promised Zambians paradise even when they knew that what they were pledging were lies meant to fraudulently get them into government.

He said that time had come for the UPND to take over the reigns of power because it was the only political party with a national agenda to develop and unite the country.

“The PF voluntarily made many promises in their campaigns and they came back with arrogance and glee to tell Zambians that they had lied. We the people must protest against these lies,

“The time for struggle for the millions of youths who are unemployed is now and it is our democratic right to protest against the poor governance of this country,” Dr Banda said.

On ARVs, Dr Banda said it was shocking that the PF has started rationing the life-saving drugs when citizens had been accessing free ARVs since 2005.

Dr Banda said the PF government had resorted to punishing citizens who were on ARVs by rationing the drugs because they had misdirected the money for the procurement of the drugs to the salaries of the bloated cabinet and the never-ending by-elections.

The UPND vice-president also said his party was disappointed with the
PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba for having launched a campaign to discredit and intimidate the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

He commended the ECZ for having refused to be intimidated saying the electoral body had the mandate to denounce electoral corruption being perpetrated by the ruling party.

And Mr Mwale said he had decided to re-join the UPND because the wind of change sweeping across the country was blowing towards the opposition political party.

Mr Mwale said there was a new generation of politicians in the EasternProvince that would want to start a revolution in the region so that the UPND could form the next government.

Mr Mwale said the PF government had cultivated a frightening culture of arrogance, violence and intimidation but that Zambians were ready to sacrifice and fight the vices that were negating the growth of democracy.

Meanwhile Mr Lombanya said the defeat the PF suffered at the hands of the opposition in the just ended by-elections was a clear sign that the political fortunes for the ruling party had shifted and that Zambia was ready to have the UPND as the next government.