Sata risks impeachment -Mulusa

President Michael Sata risks impeachment when parliament reopens in September, unless he changes his mode of governance, says MMD Solwezi Central Member of Parliament Lucky Mulusa.

And UPND Mbabala MP Ephraim Belemu has castigated the PF for failing to keep its promises in the fight against corruption involving government officials.

Mr. Mulusa said that Zambia had laws that should be respected and it was therefore important that President Sata followed these laws in his governance of the country.

He said that it was unfortunate that President Sata and the PF government have been breaching the constitution at will, warning that the opposition had the capacity to move a motion to impeach the President.

“The problems the PF is exhibiting will have a very deadly repercussion on the governance of the county. There is too much poverty in the country. The PF is exhibiting heavy arrogance towards its citizenry. We have to warn them that we are writing down these breaches.

“We have noted various constitutional breaches under the PF and if these people don’t stop we shall have no option but to seek for signatures to push for the motion to impeach the President. We have been tolerant but we are heavily saddened by the manner they are doing things,” he said continue.

Mr Mulusa said his party had the capacity to get the needed signatures and force the Speaker to call an extra-ordinary session to discuss the impeachment of the President.

“We can even do it now before we resume parliament in September. So our friendly advice is that the President  should cease breaching the constitution, can he stop abusing his office, can he respect the laws of  the land,” said Mr. Mulusa.

He said that the PF government had proved to be a reckless and did not care about the poor people when it recently removed subsidies on fuel and maize in order to finance non poverty reducing programmes.

“The removal of subsidies is another issue that the PF has not done well on because the explanation or argument they are giving is lame. How do you say that poor people have been paying more and have been subsidizing the rich when you know it  is a lie?

And UPND’s Ephraim Belemu said that the PF government was a stubborn regime whose aim was to destroy all institutions of governance.

Mr. Belemu said that the situation the in which Civil Society organizations had found themselves in over the NGO Act was as a result of the PF government’s deceptive route it had taken.

“I want to agree with Hon. Mulusa over the need to impeach the President, there are many issues that the PF government has messed up. They have continued to breach the constitution at will and these are the things we need to get support from the people.

“We have not held meetings among ourselves on the possibilities of impeaching the President but as you have head from Mr. Mulusa that is very possible and we can do it. We shall do it   if he continues behaving unconstitutionally,” he said.

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  1. Honorable MPs, sata and his pack of hyenas are gangster like that and no amount of warning will get them to change their ways. Just do IT.

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