UNZA lecturers on go-slow

University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers Union (UNZALARU) on Tuesday began a go-slow over salary increment issues, the Union secretary General Jasson Mwanza has said.

Mr. Mwanza however said details of the go slow would be disclosed after a meeting with its union later today.

“I can only say it is something to do with salaries, but we have decided that details will be released tomorrow after a meeting that we are having in the morning,” Mr. Mwanza said.

He dispelled assertions that the go-slow was in protest against the changing of the UNZA academic calendar from ‘semester’ to ‘terms’ which he explained was generated by the lecturers themselves at the institution. He said suggestions that government had instructed the university to pass all the students to allow them into the transition exercise was untrue except that there would be a system in place to let those with arrears to sit for make up exams and those who did not pass would remain failed.

“There will be a system in place to allow those who had arrears to sit for make up exams and proceed if they clear, while those who fail would not be allowed.

“We are currently preparing exams for the semester, why would there be exams if it’s not for the purpose of assessment?” Mr. Mwanza asked.

And some students spoken to said the go-slow was fueled by the transition of the campus calendar because two semester exams were more lucrative financially than the new yearly programme for the lecturers.

The students explained that the new system would mean less money in the pockets of the lecturers that is why they have opted to demand for salary increments to cover up the envisaged loss.

“They want to make up for the lost allowances for the mid year exams which have been scrapped off and want to make it up with a salary increment,” they said.

But Mr. Mwanza explained that the transition to the term system was arrived at after a study confirmed that the move was to the advantage of both the students and the lecturers.