Losses in by-elections exposes PF weakness

Political analyst Nason Msoni has charged that the recent by-elections held in Chipata Central, Kafulafuta and Solwezi East constituencies won by the opposition have exposed the vulnerability of the ruling PF party.

Mr Msoni said a bleeding wound on the ruling party had been opened which could set the stage for more losses in the forthcoming by-elections.

He said the losses suffered by the actual defectors themselves had sent shockwaves to other potential defectors in respective political parties who were also on the verge of defecting to the ruling party PF.

Mr Msoni charged that the opposition MPs who intended to cross over to the ruling Patriotic Front have developed cold feet as the PF ticket could no longer guarantee anyone outright victory.

“The PF defection window may have temporarily and momentarily suffered a serious setback and forced to shut-down prematurely for business as usual activities due to unfavorable defection environment.

“At the moment with the recent political massacre at the hands of the opposition and also due to non-availability of willing opposition MPs to defect, more so that most of them were left with nothing were now crying for jobs in foreign service but however strictly speaking under the PF government foreign service jobs are a preserve for relatives and not defectors,” he said.

Mr Msoni said the PF ticket could no longer guarantee defectors a second chance to parliament given the new political dynamics and shift on the ground.

He noted that the electorate appeared to have had a rude awakening to reality from a deep slumber to put un-end to politics of opportunism, deceit and wanton wastage of state resources by a few misguided political elements of the Patriotic Front.

 “The worst case scenario is for the PF to provoke a fight and then sustain serious injuries thereafter”.

“We hope that this new found strategy and momentum by the opposition will be sustained and jealously guarded against opportunism and selfish individual ambitions,” he said.  He warned those who had been clinging onto public offices and waiting for the magic numbers in parliament for purposes of erroneous ratification should now know that the game had changed and should make way to exit decently.