KK needs help

Like all stubborn old men KK may not accept it, but he needs help to save him from the ultimate humiliation of bailiffs pouncing on him to recover debts owed to lawyers.

If bailiffs have their way, KK will be deprived of his belongings to settle a debt he owes lawyers who represented him in a number of cases. The amount is huge and in excess of K3.5billion plus interest accrued from 1999 when the first set of judgments were made.

 When this matter came up a few months ago, the Government gave an indication that it would help the former President pay up but since then the matter has gone cold. There has been no tangible movement towards a scheme that would save the former President from the ultimate humiliation.

This has left the former President desperate and in this situation he has resorted to equally desperate, but not very convincing measures to try and keep the bailiffs away. Unfortunately these measures have failed.

Looking at the case record it is demeaning that the former President in desperation was actually forced to clutch at straws to make an nonexistent case for him to avoid paying.

For example he claims in documentation presented to court  that the lawyers who represented him did so on pro bono basis- in other words for free, but the Judge, Chilombo Maka Phiri, dismissed this claim because he had already paid K80million indicating that he was fully aware of the debt he owed. If the services were free he would not have paid the amount.

KK also claimed that he was not represented when the judgment in default was obtained or varied. The Judge did not accept this argument either because the objection should have been raised in 1999 when the judgment was made.

Added to all this were a number of affidavits signed by KK personally in which he quite  categorically  undertook to settle the total claim arising from the  cases the lawyers represented him.

More importantly KK and his Party Secretary General at the time Sebastian Zulu signed a consent order with the 8 lawyers that represented him in the five cases, namely misprision of treason, citizenship, black mamba, assassination attempt and Presidential petition.

It is depressing that the former President must be forced to such extreme measures which take away from his status and credibility as a regional and global leader.

The worst is yet to come.

 If KK does settle his bill he may be forced to appear in court for a process  called  judgment summons to establish means in which the Judge will determine his means to pay in installments. If he defaults in one payment he will be sent to prison for 14 days, a second default will earn him another 14 days, then 28 days then at the pleasure of the  discretion of the Judge

This will be an ignoble and very sad end to an illustrious life well lived. But this need not happen if the Government and the people of Zambia put their minds together to act decisively to save KK from sure ignominy.

The time is now for those who profess respect for KK to show their love instead of waiting for a time in the future to shed crocodile tears. Those tears will amount to nothing; these will be shameful symbols of hypocrisy of the worst order.

As the saying goes, this is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party to help KK over his financial woes. It is not a time for platitudes and empty rhetoric

KK needs help now, not tomorrow.