I won’t shutI won’t shut

Heavily armed police officers Wednesday invaded the home of outspoken  Civil Rights Activist Brebner Changala searching for seditious material or drugs but the civil rights activist has vowed that he would not be intimidated or cowed into any form of submission.

Mr Changala has warned that suppression of citizens was a short lived exercise and that the truth shall always live with the people.

Mr Changala has been very critical of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) for failing to bring to book Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito on the Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) and the Access Financial Services (AFS) as well as the Judge Gregory Phiri forged letter.

Mr Changala was raided yesterday morning by nine officers from the Drug Enforcement Commission, office of the President Special Division, the Anti Corruption Commission and Force Headquarters who said that they were looking for drugs and seditious material.

In the last one month, state police have raided homes of former Evelyn Hone College Journalism lecturer Clayson Hamasaka, freelance journalists Thomas Zgambo and Wilson Pondamali of Kabwe.

Mr Changala told the Daily Nation that the officers pounced on him at 04:00am and turned his house upside down and conducted a search for close to five hours before going away with a batch of documents and a short gun.

He said the officer also went away with antacids tablets that were in a suitcase belonging to his sister Agness Kawandami.

He said the officers did not get any details from Ms Kawandami but only told her that they would call her at an appropriate time.

“From my home they took me to my office where they spent another three hours searching for the so called drugs and seditious material. From here they got away with computers, ipads and documents relating to late Director of Public Prosecution Mukelabai Mukelabai tribunal and the PF Matrix of who funded the ruling party for the 2011 elections.

“Even court documents belonging to Access Financial Services Limited (AFSL) and its directors, Company directory for Brebner School Chalk, clients and all ZRA documentation. School chalk delivery notes and invoices to government schools,” he said.

The civil rights activist who is suspected to be a mercenary of the PF government was later taken to force headquarters in presence of his lawyer Gilbert Phiri.

However Mr Changala was not questioned nor was a warn and caution statement recorded but only to produce the books for the gun to the police.

Mr Changala said he had been released because police officers had received instructions not to go ahead and charge him with any case.

Mr Changala described the behaviour by the Patriotic Front government as a harassment of his civil activities, travesty of his private and personal liberties which were fundamental and universal human rights.

He said it was disheartening that Dr Kenneth Kaunda and Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe had managed to bring their dictatorial and Nazi tactics to a democratic and free society like Zambia.

“I want to warn the PF government that this will not deter citizens of this country from speaking the truth. What Zambia is going through now is a temporal setback. The true vigilance and tenacity of the people of Zambia shall ultimately prevail.

“My worry is to the law enforcement officers who are being abused left, right and centre. What would be their role in a free democratic and vibrant Zambia that we shall soon witness as a reality.

“What I am going through must be an encouragement to those who value true freedom and liberties. Zambian people must not despair but live in hope and true expectation. I have no hard feelings against any of my oppressors or tormentors,” Changala.

Mr Changala will today report himself at Police Force Headquarters for further questioning.