Mass PF defections on the way -Fr. Bwalya

The Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) has predicted mass defections from the Patriotic Front (PF) because Zambians have become disillusioned with the failure by government to honour the many pledges the ruling party made during its campaigns.

ABZ leader Frank Bwalya has said his political party was growing by leaps and bounds across the country and that by the end of 2014, the ruling party would have become a shell of what it was before the 2011 elections.

Father Bwalya who has been on a marathon tour of selected Provinces to check on the presence of his party said droves of PF members were joining his party because they were disappointed with the performance of the ruling party.

Fr Bwalya who was yesterday in Kabwe said most of the PF structures in a number of provinces had crumbled because his party was seriously working at extinguishing the ruling party that had duped Zambians to get into government.

He said PF senior officials who had been disparaging him that he was not a factor in politics would soon be shocked that in fact the ruling party had ridden to victory on the back of other people.

He told the Daily Nation that in some districts across the country, the entire PF executives had abandoned their party and had joined ABZ saying by the time his party would be launched, the PF would be nothing but a political shell.

Fr Bwalya said he would soon be announcing district, constituency and provincial structures in most parts of the country.

He explained that most of the PF leaders were leaving the PF because they believed the ruling party had successfully destroyed itself because of the lies, high mealie meal prices, high transport costs, the violation of human rights and the unnecessary by-elections the ruling party has continued to induce in order to have numbers in Parliament.

“Our party is spreading like bush fire and Patriotic Front (PF) officials that have been saying Alliance for a Better Zambia was not a factor in Zambian politics will soon be shocked. In some districts, the entire PF district structures have joined ABZ and are busy mobilizing. The reasons many are giving for leaving the PF are that the ruling party is finished and is on its way out. This is due to the shortage of ARVs, high mealie meal prices, human rights abuse and unnecessary by-elections,” Fr Bwalya said.

Fr Bwalya said the general citizenry were not happy with government for allegedly protecting contractors who were doing shoddy jobs.

He said ABZ had been warmly received in Southern Province stating that his visit to Choma and Mazabuka in Southern Province had revealed that his party had been welcomed in the region.

He said by the time his party would be launched in September, many leaders in the PF hierarchy would abandon the boat and join the party he said had a new thinking.