Angry judges protest

Judges are up in arms over the abuse of the judiciary to promote political interests of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

This follows the unprecedented and un procedural statement that the judiciary had nullified seats and barred candidates from re-contesting their seats attributed to the judiciary on the eve of nominations when there was no formal sitting or judgment by either the High Court or the Supreme Court.

Judicial officers revealed to the Daily Nation that the petition by the Patriotic Front (PF) losing candidate Mangani Phiri was only received and allocated to Judge Mulenga on Thursday and no judgment had been passed.

“How then could the judiciary nullify the seat without a formal process?” they asked.

There was total confusion at the Supreme Court yesterday following the announcement by the Judiciary that it had nullified the election of Mutolo Phiri for Chipata and Hastings Sililo of Lukulu without any judgment from the Supreme Court.

Irate judges from the Industrial Relations Court, the High Court and the Supreme Court were yesterday holding emergency consultative meeting in the matter the judges are expected to issue a position stamen soon.

The mainline public media yesterday announced that the judiciary had nullified the election of Mutolo Phiri of Chipata Central and Misheck Mutelo of Lukulu West and purported that it had barred Dora Siliya, Maxwell Mwale and Hastings Sililo from re-contesting their seats.

“The petition by Lameck Mangani was allocated to a Judge yesterday; how come then the judiciary arrived at the nullification before the matter was even heard by Judge Mulenga to whom the case was allocated.”

“Similarly, when did the Supreme Court convene on behalf of the entire Judiciary to authorize a statement suggesting that candidates had been barred without following procedures?”

When asked to comment, the Judiciary spokesperson Terry Musonda refused to comment, referring all questions to the Registrar who also refused demanding that a written press query be sent to her office.

4 thoughts on “Angry judges protest

  1. The circus at the judiciary is trully troubling. Have we really reneged on justice to hooliganism. The commotion created by the justices on the lack of due proceess on coming to decisions on such crucial national matters leaves one wonder where we are headig to. The current scenario and machinations paints a picture of total chaos within the system and for a country whose system of governance and governance structure was the envy of the African continent, the situation leaves much to be desired. All this for what? where is the credibility of the supreme court? where is the justice that is supposed to be dispensed without fear or favour. If the justice system becomes so political, then where will the common man get his justice. This is not right and should be called by what it is. Abuse of office. We need sanity to prevail in this area. with due respect to the current holder of the office of Chief Justice, what legacy should she want to be remembered for the one who destroyed the judicial system for political expediency. Where is our regard for due process? Have we now become a jungle? God forbid. this is not tenable and wthe their lordships the Judges need to come up with credible statement on this..

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