Where is the Supreme Court Order?

The Supreme Court   has been challenged to issue a formal order signed by the Court to indicate whom PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba “engaged” and what the nature of the “engagement” was.

Heritage Party President General Godfrey Miyanda also charged that the postponement of the by-elections in Petauke Central, Malambo and Mulobezi by the “Supreme Court” raised more questions than answers because the identity of the Judge who made the order is unknown.

Gen Miyanda observed that the threatened “engagement” of the High Court by PF Secretary General had taken place and suddenly the Supreme Court which had been silent all along came awake on Thursday night and issued an order by a public relations officer instead of by the Court.

“We demand that the Supreme Court issues a formal order, signed by the Court that must also indicate whom Hon Kabimba “engaged” and what was the nature of the “engagement”. Who were the parties to the “engagement”?

At the time of a previous   article we were not aware that the PF Secretary General had sought the opinion of the Solicitor General. Was he doing this as PF Secretary General or as Minister of Justice or both? Clearly he was doing so on behalf of the PF. How much did the PF pay for the service? Or is there a new policy which allows political parties to seek the opinion of the Solicitor General? How many times has the PF abused the AG’s Chambers in this way?” he questioned.

The opposition leader noted that although the action may appear to be trivial on the surface but the behaviour of Mr Kabimba called for such scrutiny because it suggests some collusion between the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Court and the office of the PF Secretary General.

“How is it that within hours of the “engagement” statement the Supreme Court was moved to make a statement about the by-elections, which have now been postponed? It is improper and irregular for the Courts to hold court with only one of the parties to a matter. Perhaps there was no party cited.

“Nevertheless we support the action by the ECZ because the Supreme Court, which overturned the High Court decision, must follow the law, prepare the Report and call on all the affected candidates to be heard before being named; this will be justice as per the current electoral law,” Gen Miyanda said.

The opposition leader has further suggested that all opposition parties should now begin to obtain the Solicitor General’s opinion in all their cases, free if the PF had not been billed.

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  1. Brig General Miyand has shown a lot of consistency in making upholding governace issues hes a true hero of the land.

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