Politics of contention

The Patriotic Front as a Party must rein in some of its more contentious officials who seem determined to engage in and promote the most divisive, sterile and useless polemics that only serves to alienate many sections of the Zambians society.
The Party must also distance itself from individuals of dubious character who are giving the party a bad name and image.
Unless this is done the 2016 vision of a second term as espoused by Mr. Willie Nsanda may not be attainable as the party is annoying too many people with too many clear abuses of power.
Justice must be seen
The decision by the Lusaka High Court to stay nominations is most commendable as it now accords a clear and open opportunity for both sides of the argument to be heard.
This is how it should be.
It was clear from the very beginning that the decision by the “Judiciary” to bar candidates through a press statement was bound to cause controversy and more importantly reflect badly on the esteem of the judiciary whose watchword is truth, veracity and integrity.
It was puzzling to most Zambians that the Judiciary appeared to have made a decision from a vacuum as no judicial process had been undertaken to challenge the nomination of the three candidates.
Equally surprising was the media interpretation that Chipata Central Member of Parliament had lost his seat as a result of the statement from the Judiciary.
It is not that the argument advanced by the Minister of Justice who is also Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba was without merit. He obviously has an arguable case. Nothing in social science is ever cast in stone and mortar.
What has been objectionable is the unseemly manner in which his statement metamorphosed into a statement from the Judiciary.
Ordinarily the Judiciary interprets laws though formal legal procedures which are open, transparent and therefore credible.
Contentious decision made in the night and executed through partisan media can hardly pass the test of legitimacy. That is why it is proper that the issues raised by both sides will be accorded an opportunity for open airing at the end of which a decision one way or the other will be made.
Justice is not about the final decision, it is also about the entire process by which a final decision is arrived at.
A corrupt process will invariably produce corrupt results which may indeed be affirmed but will ultimately collapse revealing the fraud that characterized their prosecution.