Changala arrested, detained

Police yesterday arrested and detained leading civil rights and government critic Brenber Changala and his sister Agness Kawandami over drugs they found in his house after they raided his house last week.

Changala and Ms Kawandami who are being detained at Ridgeway Police Post will only give a statement to the police today. Changala was driven to Kabwe where the police picked up his sister.

Ms Kawandami, a nurse has insisted that the drugs the police picked up and are claiming to be ecstasy are infact Vermox used to deworm children.

Earlier yesterday officers from the government joint investigative wing summoned Changala to their offices for questioning concerning medical tablets that they collected when they raided his house last week on Wednesday.

Mr Changala’s lawyer Gilbert Phiri confirmed the development to the Daily Nation saying that the officers summoned his client around 12:00 hours yesterday to answer questions on some tablets they had collected from his home.

Mr Phiri said the officers demanded that Mr Changala’s sisters who apparently forgot the tablets in his house appear before the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) officers to answer questions regarding the tablets.

He said unfortunately Changala’s sister Agness Kawandami had travelled to Kabwe and the officers demanded that they be driven to Kabwe to search for her.

Mr Phiri said his client was asked to accompany the officers to Kabwe in an effort to have his sister’s explanation as to why she was having the tablets.

“Yes my client was summoned and when we went to the DEC offices, the officers said the issue was related to the drugs and was non billable and we were shocked because the tablets that they took from my clients home were for deworming.