Desperate dangerous people

The disgrace and totally uncalled for humiliation that the Patriotic Front Government is suffering in the various judicial issues is the result of unbridled ambition and desire by some individuals in  Government to  wreak retribution against perceived enemies.

The antics are totally unnecessary and an exercise in creating self inflicted damage. This is not how power should be used.

It does not require the mind of a trained lawyer to understand the futility of the huge leaps of logic being applied in many of the cases that are currently before courts of law. Huge and extravagant claims are coming to naught because the motivation for their commencement was wrong.

Instead of using the courts for justice, attempts have been made to use them to gain and consolidate power. Presidential ambitions have been staked on high level judicial proceedings which have had the most devastating effect of showing the PF as a vindictive, bitter and poorly represented organization.

Cases have come to court which should have never seen the light of day, but sadly they have and the  party and Government will be made to bear the political and public fall out for the ill thought out cases.

It is true that only quick action by the Electoral Commission (ECZ) saved this country from a very calamitous explosion after an elaborate hoax that planted confusion anger and indignation among many Zambians.

The hoax was a deliberate effort at fanning violence and despondence and ordinarily the people responsible should have been prosecuted by now, but this will not happen and neither will there be a clarification from the Supreme Court on whose behalf the hoax was executed.

This is the dangerous culture we have come to live with, a culture in which guile, corruption and subterfuge peddled within courts of law has become the norm.

We have to live with psychopaths who would consider it nothing if this country went into flames. To quote from some authors psychopaths are people

‘’ possess a grandiose sense of self worth, are natural and pathological liars and are cunning and manipulative. Exhibiting a lack of remorse and guilt for their actions they are emotionally shallow and fickle, often behaving callously and showing a lack of empathy and responsibility for their own actions. They have no realistic long term goals and are irresponsible and impulsive. They are antisocial exhibiting poor behavior control, delinquency and criminal versatility.”

These are dangerous people and in desperation will resort to any lengths to seek recognition and imprint their personality on society. 

It is in the best interest of the nation in general and the Patriotic Front in particular to isolate and create a distance from the clique that is determined to undermine the credibility of the current leadership in order to gain power and promote its narrow interest.

The PF cannot claim  that it was not warned.