PF youths want a say in CBU administration

The Copperbelt University (CBU) has been closed, and the Kitwe PF youth have demanded that they should be included in the running of the university.

CBU vice chancellor Dr. Naison Ngoma said PF youths lead by Kitwe district chairman Alfred Kaira forced their way into his office demanding for a meeting over the happenings at campus, including the issue of squatting at the campus which was banned by the administration.

“The cadres forced their way into the University administration and demanded for a meeting with my office, and afterwards, they demanded to address COBUSU and its members.

“And after that meeting they issued a list of items addressed to the University administration demanding among other things the resignation of the vice chancellor,” Dr Ngoma said.

Dr. Ngoma explained that it was unfortunate that things came to this level were cadres could involve themselves in matters concerning university affairs.

He said the resolutions from the COBUSU/PF meeting also demanded that the university administration be pro-PF in its operations and that all other activities including management decisions be held in consultation with the ruling party.

PF thugs invaded the administration to instruct the second highest learning institution in the country.

“The cadres have demanded that squatting for the students at the campus be allowed, which issue is against the rules of university,” he said.

CBU students ran amok after the suspension of five union members over the confusion that ensued following a directive from the vice chancellor for University the security to check for squatters in rooms, a move that sparked riots and class boycotts which according to the university rules if it exceeds 3 days was a reason for closure of the institution.

But CBU has announced that the closure did not affect part time students and those in the medical faculty.