Where is the President?

National Restoration Party (NAREP) has raised concerns over the continued absence of President Sata who they say is playing hide and seek with the electorates.

NAREP president Elias Chipimo said having a president whose favourite activity was playing hide and seek with his people was as good as not having a leader because the citizen’s answers to pertinent questions on governance have never been answered.

“In fact, it is fair for us to ask the question: Where is the president? Do we actually have a president? We ask this because people are demanding that our senior most leaders must answer questions on the state of the nation and many more” he said.

He said it was abnormal for a president to fail to hold a proper press conference but instead have major policy issues announced through his press secretary.

Launching the NAREP ‘Get Involved Now’ hand book at the party secretariat yesterday, Mr. Chipimo noted that the levels of unemployment was still high and a great threat to the future of the youth, adding that there was still no plan in place to deal with the problem under the Patriotic Front (PF) government.

A fully charged Chipimo said that the PF was not doing anyone any favour by failing to address high levels of poverty, unemployment adding that high quality values should be promoted in a youthful leadership which had a clear and proper vision unlike current leadership which sees the country’s fortune rise and fall without providing serious measures to address such unfortunate scenarios.

He said that Zambians should never doubt that there was a mediocre leadership flourishing saying “We have done this for so long; it has distorted our reality to the point where the abnormal is now fully accepted as normal.

We have confused being popular with being concerned. We have glorified insulting language and mistaken catchy slogans for vision and planning. We have abandoned God’s wisdom and embraced petty, shallow criticism of one another proudly passing this on as a new form of knowledge and intelligence,” he said.

Mr. Chipimo observed that failure by those in leadership to actively come out and give direction on how best they can resolve the issues in the best interest  of  the people, there were busy or preoccupied with stony silence, save for the scrappy announcements that accompany the time when some poor government official were  being hired or fired.