Changala’s visitor blocked

Police officers at Kabwata police station where outspoken critic of the Patriotic Front government Brebner Changala is being held on Friday refused to allow opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema the human rights activist.

And Peoples Party leader Mike Mulogoti says the PF is abusing the Drug Enforcement Act to abuse citizens especially that were considered to be critics of its governance system.

Mr Hichilema has vowed that he will do whatever it takes to see Mr Changala at the police station because it is his right to do so and that the accused is a citizen of this country.

He said police officers at the station obstructed his advance part and could not be allowed to see Mr Changala.

He told the Daily Nation yesterday that Mr Changala was a victim of PF brutality as government had decided to cage him for speaking out.

Mr Hichilema said this was true dictatorship of the PF regime because they don’t want any one to criticise them.

“This is all amid at silencing him but he is a Zambian and it’s unfortunate that he is a victim of political suppression by the PF regime. They have not yet found Changala guilty and the question we are asking is why arrest him when the sister is saying the tablets were for deworming.

“As UNPD we shall not be stopped by this suppression by the PF and we want to assure Changala and his family that he is not alone. We are with him because we stand for the oppressed. Even if the officers stopped us the first time we shall go to see him because it is clear that this persecution is political,” Hakainde said.

And Mr Mulongoti charged that it was unacceptable for the PF leadership to use the DEC act to oppress certain individuals in society.

He said there was need to reform the public order act of 1964 and that he would repeal the DEC Act because it was being used to search people without authority from the court.

H said Zambians should not be subjected to such abuse because the courts were the right authority to issue search warrants.

“This government is abusing the law on citizens and they are also abusing the judiciary. We advise the PF government to watch and see what is happening Egypt because of abuse of power.

“Why should the accuse someone of drug trafficking when the nurse has told them that they are deworming tablets? Are they going to declare all the drugs that they have in their homes that they bring when they go to India?” he questioned.

Mr Mulongoti who visited Mr Changala on Friday night said the ruling party should stop abusing the law to their benefit because laws are there to protect the people of Zambia.

He said described the arrest of Mr Changala as persecution and warned that the PF leaders would pay for their arrogance once they are voted out of office.

Mr Changala and his sister Agnes Kawandami were formally arrested and charged with drug trafficking on Friday after police officers collected some deworming tablets when they conducted a search at his home on 7th August.