PF has created a lot of enemies-Mulongoti

Leakage of govt information to opposition parties and credible media will not stop


Civil servants and other Patriotic Front (PF) senior government officials will continue to leak information to the opposition and credible media houses because the PF has made a lot of enemies since it formed government in 2011, says People’s Party (PP) president Mike Mulongoti.

Mr Mulongoti has said PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba should not complain that his party had been infiltrated by moles because the ruling party was a beneficiary of the mole business when it was in the opposition.

Mr Mulongoti said the PF should stop the witch-hunt and change their style of governance if they had to stay in power beyond 2016.

He said the PF government had virtually quarreled with all the well meaning citizens including traditional rulers on the perception that they were supporting the opposition political parties.

He said unless the ruling party changed their style of governing the country and reconciled with the many they have made enemies with, Zambians would soon be celebrating their unceremonious exit from government.

Mr Mulongoti told the Daily Nation that the PF while in the opposition encouraged civil servants and other government officials in the MMD to steal information from government offices and leak it to the now ruling party.

He said it was wrong for Mr Kabimba to label people in government and Ministers interacting with the opposition as traitors stating that the mood in the civil service and within the ruling party had become tense because government had failed to give any form of direction on how the country was being governed.

He said there were many technocrats in the civil and public service that had realized that the PF got into government without any plan of how they were going to govern and that the country had now been left to run as if there was no leadership.

“Tell Mr Kabimba that the PF was a beneficiary of the mole business when they were in the opposition and he must not complain that his party has been infiltrated. It is time for Mr Kabimba and his party to be on the receiving end because when they were in the opposition, they encouraged civil servants and other government officials in the MMD to leak information to them. Some of the people in the PF government were in government before and they are angry with what is happening and they will continue leaking information to the opposition,” Mr Mulongoti said.