Dear Mr. President

This morning Brebner Changala will appear in court on a charge of drug trafficking.
He was formally arrested last Friday under controversial circumstances which have made it very clear that it is not Brebner that will be on trial in court but our entire criminal justice system, truth, justice and integrity all will be tried.
Firstly Brebner was targeted for retribution because of his very critical stance on issues of governance, on which he has been forthright.  He speaks his mind on many issues that many skirt around in fear of offending the powers that be. Like Jeremiah of the Bible he saw his task as that of speaking the truth.
He has spoken out on many sensitive issues, knowing that retribution was a distinct possibility given the power and influence of those he criticized.
For example he has been very vocal against the appointment of Mutembo Nchito as Director of Public Prosecution because he lacks integrity. He has written to you, your Excellency explaining that a man who forged a judgment by a Supreme Court judge, a man who was found to have used fraudulent misrepresentation to obtain K14billion from the Development Bank of Zambia was not a suitable candidate for the position of DPP.
More recently we have come to learn that Mutembo Nchito not only cheated to the select committee at Parliament to obtain the position of DPP, but has been to Nigeria as an investigator in a matter that is already in court and which matter he is prosecuting, contrary to what he promised Parliament.
And like Prophet Jeremiah, Changala is suffering retribution from the system; he has now been thrown into the Cistern for his caustic pronouncements.
But we believe that your Excellency will rise to the occasion and like King Zedekiah send your own “Ebed-melech the Cushite” to remove Brebner from the Cistern he does not deserve.
The noose around Changala’s neck is tight, wound by experts who have done everything technically and legally required to ensure that any defense has been removed, hence guaranteeing him a long stay in Prison- where his critical voice will be smothered.
Brebner is dealing with experts who know what they are doing.
The only thing that stands between Brebner and Prison is the truth, but this will never be known because those who set up the machinery to entrap him for arrest and prosecution have made sure that there is no evidence or opportunity to avail it.
Like many others before him Changala will go to Prison because the system remained indifferent as clear abuses were allowed to pass- something that he never allowed to pass without comment.
Former Defence Minister Late BY Mwila (see story on page 2)

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