Mutembo Nchito not material for DPP-Nawakwi

The office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) will continue to lack credibility for as along as Mutembo Nchito remains at the helm of the institution says, Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) president Edith Nawakwi.
And Ms. Nawakwi says that the PF has failed to inspire the people of Zambia in the much talked about judicial reforms as nothing meaningful has been achieved since it formed government.
In an interview with the Daily Nation Ms. Nawakwi said that she was disappointed with Mr. Nchito for failing to show leadership, efficiency, ethics and professionalism in the manner he was conducting himself in the office of the DPP.
She said Mr. Nchito has disappointed so many people over his failure to prosecute cases professionally, adding that his political agenda had been exposed because of the manner he has been prosecuting politicians.
She accused Mr. Nchito of preferring to politically inclined matters rather than those he was employed for especially criminal matters.
“You have institutions such as the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) whose preoccupation is political cases and not other cases.  And just in case people think that we are being personal or naïve, I want the public to tell us when they saw the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito walk in court to  present cases of criminal nature especially murder cases,” said Ms. Nawakwi.
Ms. Nawakwi said that it was disappointing that that Mr. Nchito found it easy to prosecute matters involving politicians because of his personal political ambitions.
She said that genuine reforms could only be achieved if those in leadership took responsibility and commitment to create independence in all institutions of governance.
She said that it was sad that the reforms seen in government today were aimed at fixing other political players.
Ms. Nawakwi said that it was saddening that the PF government had continued on a derailed path which UNIP and MMD took in order to protect themselves.
She said that reforms in the judiciary that aim at fixing perceived political opponents would not help the country attain a judicial system that would be respected by the people of Zambia.
“So if you ask me if this country will ever have an accountable and fair judiciary that will provide the balance of justice, my simple answer is that, my foresight is disillusioned because people are not getting the justice they want. The judicial reforms the people of Zambia are expecting are not only going to be limited to the judiciary, but to go as far as establishing the separation of powers,” she said.
Ms. Nawakwi said that in a transparent system the judiciary must be perceived to be independent from both political and civil interference from the public and the executive as this was critical.

2 thoughts on “Mutembo Nchito not material for DPP-Nawakwi

  1. I totally agree with Madam Nawakwi. This Mutembo is busy with RB but high profile cases which involves serious criminality are not moving. Take for example the case of Ruth Mbandu, Mohan, the PF member who was killed in Livingstone, the case of the Taxi driver from Mandahill and the one who was killed in Ndola (kantolomba)and many other cases which the people of Zambia would be glad to see them concluded.

  2. Well said madam FDD president. Chilu you forgot the Zambian Airways saga link with DBZ. We are in a mess.

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