2410 urges Sata to speak out on looming succession

The PF officials who want to take over the position of President are not fit to run this country looking at the failed promises which needs their attention, a good governance organisation has charged.

2410 executive director, Justin Mushoke said that his organisation was worried about the infighting in the ruling PF government.

Mushoke said that the issue of taking over the position of presidency by some senior government officials within PF shows lack of seriousness in terms of delivering development to the Zambian people.

He said the people of Zambia were still waiting for the PF government to develop the country, but instead they were now spending time attacking each other because of the Presidency.

Mushoke has however advised the senior government officials to explain to the nation what was the logic behind their infighting, if they were not prepared to have President Sata beyond 2016.

“Then the nation needs to be addressed for the people to make options before its too late, rather than leaving the people of Zambia is suspense, because if the people who are close to the president have already lost confidence in their man who is charge of the nations affairs then who do they expect to support him come 2016,’ he said.

He indicated that such statements were expected mostly in the opposition political parties and not in the ruling party, which was an indication that things were not moving according to expectation of the Zambian people.

“That is why it is important that the PF government should come out in open to tell the nation that the President they voted for is not ready to rule the country beyond 2016. There is more to this which needs questions and answers to the Zambian people,” he said.

He called for the president to state his position on the matter as silence merely showed that he was for his replacement.

“Because the Zambian people want all the PF officials to concentrate on developmental issues than diverting more energy on a position which will not benefit the Zambian people at the moment,” he said.

One thought on “2410 urges Sata to speak out on looming succession

  1. Bawishi, the man knows that he is sick. He needs someone to take over from him. The anointed one is GBM, who we shall reject as a nation. GBM is even more illiterate than himself. Uh!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a country. To continue being ruled by illiterates as if we are still in the early 1900s, when education was a preserve of a priviledged few.

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