Don’t use DEC to oppress citizens-FODEP

Forum for Democratic Process (FODEP) has expressed concern that institutions of good governance such as the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), The Anti Commission and the police have been turned into instruments of oppression.

FODEP Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi said it was disappointing that the big institutions such as the DEC and many other institutions have allowed themselves to be used to oppress people they were meant to serve.

Mr Chipenzi said he was saddened by the arrest of citizens who had nothing to do with issues of drugs, when the DEC itself had failed to trace some culprits as near as Chibolya and Misisi, particularly.He wondered why innocent people could suffer consequences when they knew to found people who suit what they were looking for. Mr Chipenzi reiterated that the developing system of prosecuting citizens in the name of drugs was uncalled and was political motivated, as it was becoming a trend.

“The trend the institutions of good governance are being used as instrument of oppression. Look at how DEC is operating and they have been exposed because of the manner in which they operate. One can wonder how they have invested so much of their efforts chasing innocent people under the pretext of looking for drugs when they are scared of curbing drugs just within Lusaka,” he said.

He advised government to be consultative as much as they would want to deliver to people expectations to avoid speculations.

Mr Chipenzi said that it was wrong to persecute innocent citizens for no apparent reason, adding that the investigative wings should first thoroughly investigate the matters before they proceed with any cases, as such proved their unprofessionalism.

He said it was important that the people of Zambia supported pillars of democracy as they were the safety nets of democracy in any country.

“All these persecutions which people are going through will come to an end as they are political motivated by some individuals who want to gain their political gains. And citizens like Mr Changala among others must be supported by all who mean well for the country,” he said.