Release Barotse youths – Mututwa

A senior citizen in Western Province has called for the immediate release of the Barotse activists currently in police custody.

Benson Mututwa of Senanga district said it was totally inhumane to have innocent youths harassed and apprehended for taking part in the celebration for the swearing in of Barotseland Administrative General Afumba Mombotwa Mututwa of the Royal Barotseland Kingdom in Mongu.

Mututwa said that the continued detention of youths might bring confusion in the area, and they must immediately be released as they were innocent.

He said there was nothing wrong with the youths celebrating because they thought all was well for them following what was obtaining on the ground.

“I see no reason why youths have to suffer the consequences over issues obtaining here. To them they are excited over everything they hear, because even at a time when the Zambian President was campaigning for the 2011 run up, the same youths who celebrated the proclamation of the liberation are the same ones who also celebrated when they heard that he will honour the Barotse Agreement 1964,” he said.

Mututwa explained that if the Zambian government was aiming at harassing and oppressing innocent people of their rights, many souls would be lost.

He called on the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) to be realistic and come out clean by being sincere on the matter.

Mututwa said it was surprising that the BRE was quiet and had not given its position on the issue.

And as one of the senior citizens., and on behalf of the people of Western Province, I am appealing for a peaceful solution to this conflict which will be a durable resolution of the Barotseland dispute, otherwise the use of force will not help in anyway,” he said.

Mututwa said a developed vicious circle of intimidation and harassments was an eye-opener to all the people of the region, whether in and out of Barotseland, and therefore advised the relevant authorities to consider human rights if peace was to prevail in the country.